VASERControl in commercial buildings

These buildings comprise the commercial, administrative offices and usually are not intended for housing.

In commercial buildings emphasizes the measurement of fuel consumption, electricity, gas, water, energy, etc., These data are of interest not only to the owner of the building but are also useful data for individual users already benefit from knowing that a reliable their current consumption.

(An example would be a daily marked within a calendar) establish user profiles and presence can automatically manage profiles for lighting, shading and heating / cooling to provide a pleasant working environment, caring also energy consumption and environment avoiding unnecessary waste.

A special feature is intended for commercial buildings "showrooms" as they require special treatment, these companies try to get your product in the best way possible, with individual control of lights or by integrating audio and video will be able to create the right environment for their products and services have a role and are the focus of its customers.

An important field of automation is to provide conference facilities requirements for each moment, light scenes play an essential role and must be optimally adapted to the possible configurations of shading, but that's not all, as it can automatically select the font you need, such as a DVD player, projector and PC screen. This is activated with just one button with VASERControl.