VASERControl in a house

A house is a property distinct and isolated from the rest. It is a building that serves as a single family home and contains only one dwelling unit.

Below is a typical example of a day in a house with VASERControl.

While residents are nestled snug in their beds, lots of young assistants already working. This is a good time, before getting up, the house temperature rises to the preset comfort temperature.

The natural way to wake up is when the light is perceived when the order issued to the brain to wake up, wake up this way is something nice and increases welfare and performance, that's why when VASERControl starts working about 30 minutes before the set alarm time chosen on the lights gradually and slowly to make it bright. Alternatively, such as in summer, instead of turning on the lights will slowly open the blinds slowly letting in the morning sun. If this is not enough, you can use your favorite song to wake up or pleasant sounds of nature (eg birds chirping, a stream, etc..). This of course can be selected individually and personnel, so that the children of the house you can wake up to your favorite tunes or sounds.

During the morning in the bathroom you can enjoy your favorite radio station to keep you informed.

When residents leave home after breakfast, the house automatically switches absent. It will lower heating to set, the lights that have been left carelessly on, plugged devices were disconnected to save costs, the alarm system is activated, etc.. All these tasks are easily established by VASERControl.

Now imagine that the postman rings at home, no inhabitant of the house is in it to help you. If the goalkeeper is not driven in the house, the door call is automatically forwarded to a specific phone number. In our example, since the user has an iPhone (or iPad) you can see the camera image of the door and see who is the postman with a package. It may also give instructions for the postman to deliver the packet to its neighbor.

With VASERControl different functions are complex they may be made with the touch of a button.

There are also many small tools that make people's lives more comfortable, for example, the state of the dishwasher or wash in the washing machine will be shown in the display, or the lighting in the kitchen can be activated automatically when you select the hob.

With VASERControl can make a real presence simulation activating lights, emitting conversations, barking dogs, etc ... This will be done automatically when any movement is detected around the house.

Multiroom systems with which to create in each room settings to pre-set the volume level or do the playlist selected, but all the songs are available on a music server. It is possible, however, at any time and in different rooms sounding different songs.

Music can be made according to the presence in the rooms. For example, in the morning, when you enter the bathroom automatically the favorite radio stations can be played. Even also the volume of the music are controlled automatically by pressing the intercom or when a call the volume will be much lower. In the nursery, the music could be turned down, as if the meal is over.

Through an external access such as a phone you can set the parameters chosen on arrival and even set the day and time of arrival at your home.

There are countless ways that you can rely on existing construction services, selected at any time, with or VASERControl defined.